Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fathers of Faith and Daughters of Excellence Retreat

My friends Frederic Gray and his lovely wife Heather are hosting a retreat weekend for Fathers and Daughters in Tampa, FL.  It is a wonderful opportunity for fathers to connect with their daughters and to affirm their special bond in a luxurious setting.  Best of all, it reinforces the Biblical approach to father-daughter relationships, rather than the cultural norms of society today: 

"While recognizing the God-given sovereignty a father has in the methods he uses to implement God’s plan, the Fathers of Faith and Daughters of Excellence Retreat will look at the principles, teachings, commands, examples, and lessons that are found in the Bible. This will all be done in a context of examining our culture’s influence on the father-daughter relationship in contrast to God’s plan for the family."

One of the speakers will be Jennie Bishop, author of The Princess and the Kiss and The Squire and the Scroll, two of our favorite books!

“Purity starts with the heart and goes to the body,” Jennie says. “Relationships should be treasures, not toys.”

 This retreat will be held in the incredible Safety Harbor Resort and Spa, and fathers and daughters will be treated to a fine banquet, keepsake portraits, a lovely bracelet for fathers to present to their daughters, fun and fellowship, and most of all, an opportunity to feast on the Lord's truth for their relationship.

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