Tuesday, October 11, 2011

That First Awkward Post

So, it's time to get it over with- the first awkward post to a new blog.  Do I write a dorky introduction or do I just jump right in as if I've been blogging here all along, and you the reader are the newbie?  Later, when my blogs are fascinating and scintillating, will an enamored reader scroll down to find where it all began, and realize I am simply a simple mom trying to figure it out as I go?  Do I give an overview of my purpose and then go into more detail later, or shall I start with the first idea jangling round in my head and hope for the best?  Maybe I search for something inspiring to say, some reason for someone to spend a precious minute or two peeking at my corner of the web?  Or perhaps I give up waiting for inspiration to strike and just do this thing already!  I'm just rambling now, but whatever the case, the first post is posted and I can ease into regular blogging without all the pressure of coming up with just the right thing to say for my very first post.

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